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Accident Recovery | Mar 18, 2013

Two Things You Must Know About Workers Compensation

There was a time when workers didn’t have any recourse if injured on the job. The history of workers’ compensation is full of stories about workers being left without a job and with trouble meeting their financial needs. Over time, workers’ compensation laws have improved and both workers and employers…

Accident Recovery | Jul 11, 2013

Self Help Tips for Recovering from Whiplash

Automobile crashes occur frequently, with whiplash being one of the most common injuries. Although it is recommended that you always see a medical professional or College Park whiplash chiropractor for treatment in the event of this injury, some self help treatment methods may also be beneficial. Pain Reduction Options Pain…

Accident Recovery | Nov 17, 2015

A Quick Guide to Chiropractic Rehabilitation For Patients In College Park, GA

If you have recently been in some accident and are concerned about the rehabilitation process, some considerations determine what kind of treatment will be necessary, as well as how long it will take to fully recovery. When it comes to overcoming an injury, movement plays a key role.

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries, College Park Accidents | Dec 31, 2015

9 Reasons Why You Need A Chiropractor After Getting Into A Car Accident In College Park

Research shows that auto accident victims tend to experience permanent damage to their body because most injuries are not readily detectable. Depending on the extent of your car accident in College Park, you might need to go to the emergency room. Here, doctors and nurses are primarily focused on addressing…

Accident Recovery | Jan 27, 2017

How To React To A Work-Related Injury In College Park

Work-related injuries may comprise of acute medical damage, or they may develop into chronic conditions that cause significant pain and instability. Although any type of accident injury can prevent you from being able to work, work-related conditions are usually addressed through worker's compensation. If you are hurt on the job,…

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries, College Park Accidents, General Chiropractic | Mar 9, 2017

The Advantages of Visiting A College Park Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Auto accidents often lead to some kind of pain or physical trauma for those involved. Depending on the extent of the crash, some injuries may not become noticeable for several weeks or months. Most accident victims do not understand how beneficial Chiropractic care can be for providing pain relief, treating musculoskeletal conditions…

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries | Jun 6, 2017

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash and Car Accident Injuries

The force of a car accident can cause your neck and head to lunge in multiple directions simultaneously. When this happens, the ligaments that surround your neck tend to stretch beyond their limits and tear. This particular condition is referred to as "Whiplash Injury" and is one of the most…

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries, Car Accident Injuries | Jun 20, 2017

How College Park Chiropractors Can Help Treat Car Accident Injuries

No one wants to get into a car accident - but the possibility of experiencing one exists. If you are struck by another vehicle while driving through the city, contact our College Park Chiropractors to schedule a complete examination. AICA College Park is the community's most experienced accident injury center…

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries | Aug 24, 2017

Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accidents In College Park

If you are suffering from an injury or pain after a car accident, it is important to have a College Park chiropractor evaluate your condition to diagnose potential underlying conditions. Even minor accidents that take place under 30 miles per hour (mph) can cause tissue damage and other injuries that do not produce immediate symptoms. Without…