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Why Chiropractic Care Is A Must After An Auto Accident

Jan 23, 2017

If you have been in a car accident, you may feel inclined to carry on your normal activities if you have no visible signs or symptoms of injury.

Post-Accident Treatment

However, due to the unique forces put on the body during these collisions, there are several important reasons why you should see an automobile injury Chiropractor near College Park following a car accident.

To Prevent Further Damage

After being involved in a car crash, people often choose not to see a doctor because they feel that they’re not severely injured.

Frequently, injuries caused by automobile accidents are not immediately apparent, and it can take several days for symptoms to appear. If you are injured and unaware of it, the longer you wait to see a Chiropractor, the more harm that might be done.

After being in even a minor accident, it is a good idea to seek Chiropractic treatment in College Park right away.

To Prevent Legal Issues

Getting treatment immediately following an accident is necessary for insurance purposes.

If you visit a doctor right away, and it turns out that you have in fact been injured, it may be easier to file an injury claim compared to if you defer treatment.

On the other hand, waiting for days or weeks before visiting a College Park car accident Chiropractor can seem suspicious and make it harder to submit a claim, even if your injury was sustained as a result of the collision.

To Prevent Chronic Pain

It is common for people to sustain soft tissue injuries during car accidents.

In many cases, symptoms of these injuries take days to make themselves known. During that period, you can worsen the damage, and later, can be prone to re-injury.

If left untreated, soft tissue injuries can end up causing you serious, long-term pain or discomfort. Back and joint injuries are also a common result of a car accident.

Herniated discs and misaligned vertebrae, for example, may not cause immediate pain but can lead to a discomfort and lack of mobility in the future if they are not diagnosed and resolved.

Visit AICA College Park Immediately After A Car Accident

To help avoid having to live with chronic pain, visit a Colleg Park Chiropractor at the first sign of symptoms following a car accident.

We offer unique treatment solutions that provide immediate pain relief and prevent long-term damage or permanent injuries from developing over time.

Call AICA today at (404) 592-0319 to schedule a consultation or Chiropractic examination.


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