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How To React To A Work-Related Injury In College Park

Jan 27, 2017

How To React To A Work-Related Injury In College Park | AICA College ParkWork-related injuries may comprise of acute medical damage, or they may develop into chronic conditions that cause significant pain and instability.

Although any type of accident injury can prevent you from being able to work, work-related conditions are usually addressed through worker’s compensation.

If you are hurt on the job, be sure to inform your supervisor of your accident before filing a new worker’s compensation claim. Doing so ensures that your injury is properly recorded and taken seriously.

How To Respond To Work-Related Injuries

As mentioned, if you are injured at work, it’s important to let your immediate supervisor know right away so that they can record the accident and follow through with your company’s set procedures for such incidents.

Although you should contact the Chiropractors at AICA College Park as soon as possible following an accident at work, make sure to keep the following recommendations in mind to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your damages.

Step 1: Alert Your Immediate Supervisor

Informing your direct supervisor or manager of your accident is the first step toward obtaining workers’ compensation, as well as ensuring that the company takes immediate action so that other employees are not subjected to similar events.

Notify your manager of any back, shoulder, or neck pain you experience and whether or not you believe you should go to a hospital for immediate medical attention. Although you may feel fine after your accident, there are a variety of symptoms that may not appear right away, which is why it’s always best to seek medical care following an accident.

If your company has a particular health and safety committee or a human resources department, you will need to inform them of your incident so that there is an official record of everything.

Step 2: Seek Chiropractic Treatment In College Park

After you notify your supervisor of your accident and they have recorded the incident, schedule a Chiropractic examination with AICA College Park by calling (404) 592-0319.

Depending on the extent of your pain, your Chiropractor may recommend a few diagnostic tests, such as an X-ray scan or MRI.

Even if your pain seems minor initially, it’s important to seek medical care to document an official record of the injury for workers’ compensation.

Ask your company for their worker’s compensation information so that your Chiropractor knows how to assist your claim properly.

Step 3: Adhere To Your Company’s Compensation Procedures

Even if your injury doesn’t prevent you from returning to work, it is possible that your supervisor will place you on some light work to protect you from reinjuring yourself or aggravating your pain.

Whatever requests or procedures your company has for work-related accidents, make sure to follow them correctly to add credibility to your compensation claim.



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