A Quick Guide to Chiropractic Rehabilitation For Patients In College Park, GA

Nov 17, 2015

A Quick Guide to Chiropractic Rehabilitation For Patients In College Park, GAIf you have recently been in some accident and are concerned about the rehabilitation process, some considerations determine what kind of treatment will be necessary, as well as how long it will take to fully recovery.

When it comes to overcoming an injury, movement plays a key role.

College Park Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Exercising at an appropriate intensity and following through with the right types of movements are important to keep in mind. In fact, patients that adopt an approved rehabilitative routine that compliments the treatments recommended by your Chiropractor, allows you to improve at a faster rate.

If you are relatively new to the Chiropractic process and what its treatment techniques entail, you should know that Chiropractic Rehabilitation is a tested and proven method for supporting injuries and mitigating the risk of relapses.

If you are interested in learning why Chiropractic rehabilitation in College Park is essential after a car accident, as well as what it usually involves, review the following points of information that provide a top-level overview.

Is Rehabilitation Actually Needed?

There are some points to consider when answering this question. The type of pain you experience and its level of intensity, as well as the length of time for which you’ve been suffering, helps guide the type of treatment that will be necessary for your unique condition.

However, regardless of whether you are experiencing minor pain in your lower back or excruciating pulsing sensations in your neck, everyone should speak with their Chiropractor about setting up a rehabilitative regiment.

The reason is that this particular process is all about managing pain and can easily integrate with other activities that make the process much more enjoyable, as well as practical.

It’s important to keep in mind that rehabilitation is also essential to your recovery process because many of the conditions that Chiropractic treatments address take time to develop and demand to lengthen, to strengthen, and mostly, to retrain your muscles to function properly.

If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain that took a significant amount of time to develop due to poor posture or habits, then it will certainly take some scheduled visits before improvement is noticeable.

The reality is that staying committed to your rehabilitation routine is the most direct path you can take toward complete recovery and significantly reduces the likelihood of experiencing some relapse.

Rehabilitation Tools and Exercises Offered In College Park

The reason that your Chiropractor recommends rehabilitative exercises is to reinforce the kind of treatments you receive during your office visits.

The specific techniques and exercises they prescribe will depend on your particular condition, but most patients use a combination of foam rolling and self myofascial releases.

Foam rolling and self-myofascial releases help work out painful and irritating knots through massage and deep tissue work. Foam rolling in itself is simply a type of massage that anyone can perform on themselves to help coax tight muscles to relax.

Using a foam roller sees you placing your body in such a way that allows you to comfortable roll along the length of a muscle on your back, arms, and legs, while also controlling the amount of pressure that’s applied to your muscle.

Once you can locate the source of your knot, it’s important to continue to breathe deeply and comfortably, while allowing yourself to pause to relax so that the knot can begin to release over your roller.

In addition to this process, your Chiropractor may also suggest or recommend that you include a therapy ball on the areas of your injury that your roller can not adequately cater to or reach.

How To Strengthen Your Muscles

Unfortunately, most patients go through their stretching routines too quickly, holding each position for less than 15 seconds at a time.

Because of this, patients are not able to receive the full benefit of their efforts, which prevents their injuries from recovering properly and increases the risk of re-injuring the already sensitive area(s) in focus.

So when going through each recommended stretch, make sure that you hold each pose until your muscle relaxes completely or for about one to two minutes.

Balanced muscle activation is critical for protecting your joints from injury, as well as for reducing pain. Stress is applied to your joints when your muscles become imbalanced or weak and become susceptible to spasm or tighten up.

One of your Chiropractor’s primary objectives is to restore muscle balance and may recommend that you take on either basic exercises that focus on activating a specific muscle or more advanced routines that engage several muscle chains.

How To Support Joint Mobility

As your recovery progresses, you may be told by your Chiropractor to include some joint mobility exercises or more advanced forms of stretching to your routine. The purpose of this is to support and improve the entire movement capacity of your joints, opposed to only lengthening it.

Joint mobility routines and exercises usually include actions like positioning a foam roller between your spinal joints and layering it over time or more aggressive stretches that are held over long durations.

How To Maximize The Benefits of Rehabilitation

While your fully-accredited Chiropractor can significantly support your recovery process and help you feel better after an accident, your level of participation and commitment affect the time for which you feel completely better, again.

To maximize the benefits of your rehabilitative regiment, make sure to consider the following points:

Consistency Is Key

It’s important to understand that quick fixes to recovery do not exist and forcing yourself to over exercise might only cause more harm to your injury.

Make sure you attend all of your recommended rehab sessions and follow through with any and all prescribed exercises or stretches.

You Need To Make Time For Recovering

This might sound simple but think about all of the responsibilities and commitments you have without having to tend to an injury.

If you were to create a list of everything that goes into your daily routine, you would probably be surprised to see just how much is accomplished on a daily basis.

Remember, making time to rehab each day is much less convenient than having to live with a permanent injury or deal with chronic pain.

Your Chiropractor can do a lot to help you feel better after an injury, but in the end, you are in control of your ongoing health and comfort.

So if you want to get the most benefits from your Chiropractic treatments, keep the following three points in mind.

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