Neurologists in College Park, GA

Neurologists diagnose and treat conditions that impact the nervous system, including your brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that run throughout your body. When you are struggling with headaches, chronic pain, dizziness, or other neurological conditions or symptoms, you want to find a neurologist in College Park, GA as soon as possible because these can often start to affect your ability to go about your day. At AICA Orthopedics, our team of neurologists is focused on providing you with the most accurate diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan so you can experience greater wellness.

If you are experiencing any kind of neurological issues then our team of neurologists is here to help. Neurologists at AICA not only address your main symptoms but also the root cause so you can experience lasting relief. Neurological injuries and conditions can be life-changing, and our neurologists are committed to being with you through the whole process and helping you experience lasting relief.

What Do College Park Neurologists Treat?

Neurological conditions typically either occur from an acute injury or develop over time. A blow to the head, neck, or back can cause serious injury to your brain and spinal cord, which may disrupt your body’s ability to effectively communicate. Your brain sends messages to the rest of the body through a series of nerves housed in the spinal cord and out to the rest of your body through your peripheral nervous system. Head injuries like a concussion should be evaluated by a neurologist who can assess you for a traumatic brain injury.

Chronic neck and back pain are sometimes not considered as a neurological issue, but you may actually be experiencing pain due to a pinched or damaged nerve. Neurologists will identify how your nervous system has been impacted by an injury or even general wear-and-tear on the body. An old injury that may not have healed properly can lead to chronic pain and may continue to aggravate nearby nerves until addressed by your doctor.

Neurologists can also treat headaches, especially those that happen often or start to affect your ability to make it through your daily routine. A headache every now and then isn’t always a sign of something serious. But if you’ve recently experienced an injury and developed headaches afterward then that could be a sign of a neurological issue. Headaches like migraines can be debilitating and neurologists can help provide you with an individualized treatment plan to address this pain.

Neurological symptoms that develop over time might be a sign of a neurological condition or degenerative disease. Neurologists in College Park, GA treat Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, and other conditions related to the brain, spine, or nerves. Neurological conditions can be tricky to recognize, but a neurologist knows what signs and symptoms to look for that may signal a more serious condition or illness that requires further treatment.

Neurological conditions can also affect your joints and negatively impact your mobility in important areas like your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and knees. Joint issues can be neurological because of how close nerves are to the area. Pain in your joints may be caused by a pinched nerve or a damaged nerve from wear and tear on the joint. Neurologists can help with joint conditions like arthritis when your nerves are affected and you experience pain, tingling, and numbness in the area.

When Should I Meet with a Neurologist?

If you’ve suffered sports or car accident injuries then your doctor may refer you to a neurologist for further testing. Head injuries may require further neurological examination to rule out a concussion, which is the most common type of traumatic brain injury. If you experience frequent headaches after an injury then a neurologist can help. Or perhaps you keep getting headaches and you can’t figure out why they started or find a way to get relief for more than a few hours. Neurologists can help with both acute injuries as well as neurological symptoms that need further explanation.

Common neurological symptoms include pain, tingling, and numbness in a specific area, though these symptoms may also radiate outward into your extremities. A tingling sensation commonly referred to as “pins and needles” may not be cause for concern if it goes away once you’ve shifted your position or started to move around. But if you start to get that “pins and needles” feeling on and off for days at a time, or feel like it never really goes away, then a neurologist can help. Other neurological symptoms that may be a sign of a neurological condition include coordination problems, muscle weakness, dizziness, and confusion.


CT scan

If you are suffering from a concussion, your neurologist will likely want to confirm their suspicions with various tests such as the CT scan, which will create a composite image of the brain using different angles of cross-sections.

MRI scan

MRI scans can provide images of the brain using magnetic field technology and radio waves without the use of radiation. They show very detailed visuals of brain injuries.


How Do Neurologists Diagnose an Issue?

When you see a neurologist in College Park, GA, he or she will likely perform a physical exam as well as a series of neurological exams. Your neurologist will want to learn more about the symptoms you have been experiencing and whether or not you have noticed any difference in your muscle strength, coordination, and reflexes. Your neurologist may perform a series of neurological tests to assess your body’s responsiveness to brain signals. Neurological exams are performed by neurologists and can help rule out other conditions that have similar symptoms. One type of neurological exam is called an EEG, which stands for electroencephalogram. This exam helps your neurologist diagnose brain disorders, inflammation, seizures, or tumors by measuring the brain’s electrical activity. An EMG, which stands for electromyography, will measure your brain’s activity and ability to effectively send messages to the nerves in your body. These are two types of neurological exams your neurologist may recommend depending on your neurological symptoms.

Neurology Doctors and Individualized Treatment

Neurologists in College Park, GA utilize diagnostic tools to support the most accurate diagnosis of what is causing your neurological symptoms. This information is then used to develop an individualized treatment plan for you that addresses your specific symptoms. Whether you are in need of treatment for an injury that has damaged nerves or you need a neurologist to help with the symptoms of your neurological condition, our team at AICA Orthopedics is here to help. Our doctors use cutting-edge diagnostic tools like CT scans and MRIs when needed to get clear pictures of how an injury or illness has impacted your internal structures. This is why we avoid one-size-fits-all approaches because each person’s body will respond differently to an injury or illness. Whether you are dealing with chronic or acute pain and neurological symptoms, our neurologists will identify the root cause so you can expect long-term results. There isn’t one specific treatment option that works with every patient, so our neurologists will determine what series of treatments is best for you.

Comprehensive Care with Neurologists at AICA

When you meet with a neurologist in College Park, GA at AICA Orthopedics, you can trust in their expertise and also their collaboration with our team of multi-specialty doctors. Our doctors include orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and neurologists, and all work together to provide you with the most comprehensive care plan appropriate for you. At AICA, our doctors put our patients first and work with specialists to make sure you are getting the best treatment available. We offer diagnostic imaging and testing in-house, so you can meet with your neurologist and go for a CT scan or MRI all in one convenient location. Visit our AICA location in College Park and learn more about how our team of experts can help you experience lasting pain relief!