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Massage Therapy In College Park, GA

Sep 24, 2018

Massage Therapy In College Park, GA | AICA College ParkThe benefits of massage therapy for accident injuries includes:

  • Stress Relief
  • Relieve Muscle Tension and Pain
  • Relaxation
  • Increased Blood Flow

Combining Chiropractic With Massage Therapy

Many of us are affected by back pain, neck pain and headaches at some point in our lives. Combining chiropractic and massage therapy forms a dynamic approach to addressing and healing your pain.

One of the best compliments to chiropractic care is therapeutic massage. To help with adjustment to the skeletal system, it is very important for the muscles attached to the affected bones and joints to be relaxed and stretched.

Proper alignment encourages a free flow of nerve impulses and blood and lymph circulation. Stretching and therapeutic massage helps you achieve and maintain proper alignment.

It is easier to sustain correct posture and alignment when muscles are relaxed and their optimal length is restored. Triggering the relaxation response, massage relieves the negative effects of stress and reestablishes balance to the body.

Unsurprisingly, there are many positive effects of the relaxation response including: slower heart rate, deeper breathing, relaxed muscles, better digestion and better internal circulations.

Advantages of Massage with Chiropractic Care:


  • Prepares the body for a better adjustment
  • Improves the effectiveness of treatments
  • Relieves muscles tension and pain
  • Helps to prevent future pain and injuries
  • Encourages overall relaxation and receptiveness to needed adjustments


Contact AICA College Park For More Information

Call your College Park chiropractors at AICA College Park to learn more about the benefits of combining massage therapy with your chiropractic care. Just dial (404) 592-0319 to speak to one of our friendly staff members about your needs and availability.


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