College Park X-Ray Scans

AICA College Park specializes in diagnosing chronic conditions and accident injuries, as well as developing custom treatment plans that align with each patient’s health needs.
One of the reasons why our College Park Chiropractors are successful at helping patients recover from their injuries or conditions is because of the imaging devices we have at our clinic, including our X-ray device.
X-rays allow our College Park Chiropractors to gain insight around the size, depth, and location of each patient’s injury or condition. Being able to develop a clear image of a patient’s internal systems allows us to develop personalized treatment solutions that help ensure a safe and fast recovery.

X-Rays and College Park Chiropractic Treatment

Our College Park Chiropractors use X-rays when trying to determine the cause of a patient’s chronic pain or the extent of an injury. X-rays are especially useful for reviewing fractures, sprains, and strains.

How To Prepare For An X-Ray Examination

If your College Park Chiropractor believes that an X-ray examination is necessary to understand more about your injury, there’s no need to be alarmed. X-ray examinations are painless and completely safe when using the proper equipment.
When heading to your X-ray examination, it’s a good idea to leave any jewelry at home. It’s also important to let our staff know if you have metal implants before your examination begins.

After An X-Ray Examination

The results of an X-ray examination tend to come in quickly as most images appear in less than a minute after taking them. Once your X-rays arrive, your College Park Chiropractor will discuss the results of your examination, as well as the treatment plan they believe is most appropriate for your needs.

Schedule An X-Ray Examination at AICA College Park

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