Two Things You Must Know About Workers Compensation
Mar 18, 2013

There was a time when workers didn’t have any recourse if injured on the job. The history of workers’ compensation is full of stories about workers being left without a job and with trouble meeting their financial needs. Over time, workers’ compensation laws have improved and both workers and employers are protected under the law. Gone are the days of workers’ compensation laws that protect the employer more so than the employee.

Today, worker’s compensation laws in College Park is a fairly straightforward process that is administered on the state level. All employers of a certain size must participate in either a state operated or privately insured workers’ compensation program.

Take immediate action!

What to do when you are injured at work. Many workers make the mistake of not immediately notifying their supervisor or employers of their injuries. Delaying filing for workers’ compensation can cause a decrease in coverage and even denial. Waiting a long amount of time between injury and filing a claim will set-off red flags for insurance carriers. Insurance carriers find it suspicious when a worker takes his or her time to make a claim. You increase your chance of making a successful claim by taking immediate action. There are even employers who make not revealing a workplace injury a terminable offense.

What if your injury or illness is something that happened overtime?

There are injuries and illnesses that take a long time to manifest. Think of black lung that comes from years of mining, mesothelioma from years of working around textiles or asbestos, and carpal tunnel syndrome from years of repetitive stress on the hands and wrists. These injuries and illnesses are known are cumulative, continuous and trauma injuries.

A different time clock is used for these injuries: The time clock starts whenever you have missed work or sought medical care for symptoms of these injuries. There is also a reasonable expectation that you have an idea that your medical issues are related to your job.

Ultimately, the correct course of action is to:

  1. Notify your superior
  2. Fill out the correct workers’ compensation paper work
  3. Seek Chiropractic treatment in College Park

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