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Backpack Safety Tips From College Park’s Premier Chiropractic Clinic

Aug 10, 2017

College Park Chiropractic Tips For Backpack Safety | AICA College ParkChildren and teenagers who carry heavy backpacks with them to school each day are at risk for pain, aches, and postural deformities. Damage to back muscles and joints can occur when students try to wear their heavy bags by leaning forward or to one side. Our College Park chiropractors would like to help students heading back to school by offering a few tips that can help protect them from back pain and other potential health concerns.

Backpack Safety Tips

Carry oversized or overweight backpacks can create misalignments within the spine. Misalignments affect the nervous system’s ability to transfer information to and from the brain, which impedes the body’s ability to function normally. Such conditions tend to cause a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as cervical and lower back pain, limited mobility, inflammation, and fatigue.

Students who receive regular chiropractic adjustments from their College Park chiropractor can maintain a system that’s free of interferences, while also correcting any postural problems that may already exist. Chiropractors use gentle, controlled hands-on techniques to push areas of the spine back into their natural positions, allowing them to improve the performance of the sacroiliac joint and remove pressure from the surrounding nerves. Most of the students who visit AICA College Park experience immediate relief from their symptoms as our chiropractors manipulate their vertebrae back into their original locations.

Backpack Safety Tips For College Park Students

Students heading back-to-school in a few weeks can protect the long-term health of their backs by keeping the following safety tips in mind:

  • Use backpacks that come with wide shoulder straps and padded backs for more support and stability. These types of bags help distribute weight more evenly.
  • Before heading out to school, weigh your backpack to ensure that it does not exceed 10 percent of the student’s body weight.
  • Organize your backpack by positioning the heaviest items at the bottom of the bag.
  • Only use your backpack to carry your text books to and from school. If possible, leave your backpack in your classroom or locker room and only bring the items you need for the next class.
  • Receive regular chiropractic adjustments to eliminate subluxations and maintain a balanced system.

Contact AICA College Park For Permanent Backpack Pain Relief

Contact or call AICA College Park to schedule an adjustment for your student before they head back to school. Ongoing adjustments are proven to benefit the overall health of people of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

You can protect your student from potential back pain and other complications by having one of our chiropractors evaluate their condition on a consistent basis. Dial (404) 592-0319 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.


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