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How To Prevent Back Pain and How Chiropractic Can Help If It Already Exists

Jul 18, 2017

How To Prevent Chronic Back Pain With College Park Chiropractic Treatment | AICA College ParkEach person throughout College Park will experience back pain at some point in their life. Once back pain arises, the chances of it recurring increases significantly. It’s no wonder that billions of dollars are invested each year in chronic back pain relief and treatment!

One question to ask is, “Is this investment supporting the right resources?” The rising costs of treating back pain with prescription medications and surgeries indicates that these traditional forms of healthcare do not provide long-term or permanent relief. In fact, the problem continues to grow.

Chiropractic and Preventative Care

Our College Park chiropractors and the industry as a whole are constantly researching the value of preventative care and reviewing how exercise, patient education, support gear, and footwear influence back pain. As the community’s leading chiropractic clinic, we understand that exercise and education are key for helping patients avoid lifestyle decisions and environmental factors that contribute to chronic back pain.

Education As A Means Of Preventative Care

When patients visit our College Park chiropractic clinic, our goal is to provide personalized treatment and education to help patients avoid triggers that cause back pain. By following through with chiropractic adjustments, we can treat the source of each patient’s condition but simply applying treatment without education does not help patients avoid future incidents.

Our College Park chiropractors provide information that helps patients understand how they can make adjustments to their habits, lifestyle choices, and their environment in ways that help protect them from back pain. Changing your diet, using ergonomic friendly devices, and wearing appropriate support gear are all simple, practical ways to reduce or prevent chronic back pain.

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

If you already suffer from chronic back pain and have tried other kinds of treatment without success, contact AICA College Park to schedule a free consultation or an examination. Our chiropractors help hundreds of patients each year overcome their symptoms and live pain-free lives.

Through adjustments, stabilization exercises, and other holistic treatment solutions – we can help you return to your personal and professional routine, while also protecting you from potential relapses. Contact or call AICA College Park today – (404) 592-0319.


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