Self Help Tips for Recovering from Whiplash

Jul 11, 2013

Automobile crashes occur frequently, with whiplash being one of the most common injuries. Although it is recommended that you always see a medical professional or College Park whiplash chiropractor for treatment in the event of this injury, some self help treatment methods may also be beneficial.

Pain Reduction Options

Pain killers may be useful in helping with your whiplash pain, but anti-inflammatory medications are essential in order to rid your body of swelling. Using a cold pack can also be useful, along with taking a hot lavender bath. However, when you use an icepack, remember to never apply ice directly to skin. A cold material should first be wrapped in a towel and then applied for only 30 minutes at a time.

Work on Flexibility and Movement

While some doctors believe that you should allow your neck time to recover by avoiding excess movements and strains, others believe that you should keep it moving in order to prevent it from stiffening. Try utilizing gentle movements like those found in yoga. Pilates may also be helpful, and your College Park chiropractor can also help to make your neck more flexible.

Be Nice to Your Neck

If your neck feels strained, try to treat it with kindness. Use a comfortable pillow and consider purchasing a new one if your neck pain is worse in the morning. Consider an orthopedic mattress, as this can conform to your spine and better support your neck, as these activities can help your body to recover from accident injuries quicker.

Consider the Quality of Your Chair

If you sit on a hard chair at work or drive frequently, you should consider investing in orthopedic cushions for your chair, wheelchair, driver’s seat, or any other surface. A variety of products may be used to keep your body as straight and upright as possible.


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