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Back Pain From Playing Golf

Jun 13, 2016

People who love and engage in the sport of golf are familiar with the back pain it can cause.

As exemplified in the picture, with the acute rotation, a lot of stress is put on your spine.

Even a casual golfer on a par three is taking a minimum of 27 swings, in addition to practice swings and warm up swings on the range.

You can quickly put your spine through 150 electric, intense ranges of motion on the golf course. Considering that, it is no surprise that it can cause back discomfort.

Swing Well Without Hurting Yourself

First, there are several things you can do to minimize back pain from golf. The best advice we can give is to be proactive. If you have an extra 20 or even 40 pounds hanging off the front of your belly, that isn’t a good way to begin the season.

It increases the pressure placed on your spine throughout your swing.

Though we don’t want to downplay the effort it takes to lose weight, it’s often the best and easiest way to make your back feel better.

Secondly, to avoid golf-related back pain, keep your body limber and loose when you play.

While we have a strange aversion to walking a course when it’s incredibly hot out, the activity is much better for your back than sitting in a cart. It keeps your muscles active and working.

If you sit in a cart for 18 holes, your body doesn’t ever loosen up before your swing, and once you are back in the cart, it is another opportunity to get stiff again.

Third, stretch when you are finished with your round.

The Chiropractors at AICA College Park Can Help

We understand that most people like to have a beer with their buddies when they finish up. However, spending 3-5 minutes stretching after your round will save you a lot of discomforts later.

If you do find yourself in pain after a round of golf, call us!.


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