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Three Chiropractic Solutions For Treating Car Accident Back Injuries

Apr 20, 2017

Back injuries are common among car accident victims, in particular for those involved in rear-end and side collisions.

If you are hurt as a result of a crash, contact our College Parkcar crash injury Chiropractors as soon as possible for immediate pain relief and to prevent chronic back conditions from developing.

College Park Car Accident Chiropractors and Back Injuries

For accident victims who sustain some back injury, there are three specific treatment solutions our Chiropractors use to help patients recover and return to their routine.

These three treatment solutions include:

Chiropractic Adjustments

One of the most popular treatment solutions for addressing car accident back injuries is Chiropractic Adjustments or spinal manipulation.

With this, Chiropractors use their hands or tools to apply a particular amount of controlled pressure that helps restore joint function, improve flexibility and realign the joints/ligaments that surround your back.

Adjustments are excellent for reducing inflammation and relieving pressure. This procedure is completely safe, pain-free, and does not expose you to any side effect.

Mobilization Techniques

Similar to Chiropractic Adjustments, joint or spinal mobilization focuses on improving and restoring flexibility and function to your injured back muscles.

The difference between adjustments and mobilization techniques is that this particular procedure utilizes slow, controlled movements that are applied to the stable endpoint of a joint, whereas adjustments use sudden thrusts to force various misalignments back into their natural positions.

There are some mobilization techniques that our Chiropractors use depending on the circumstance, including:

The Activator Method – Requires a particular tool to render low-impact action
The Cox Flexion Distraction – Gentle adjustment that’s applied to the lower spine

A Combination of Chiropractic Techniques

Depending on the extent of your condition, your Chiropractor may feel the need to use a combination of techniques to augment mobilization and reduce inflammation.

To understand which techniques will help you recover from your particular back injury, you need to schedule a complete examination to understand the depth of your condition.

From here, your Chiropractor can determine whether or not additional solutions should be used, such as:

  • Heat therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Physical therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Electrical stimulation

College Park Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accidents and Back Injuries

Getting involved in a car accident can be stressful on its own without having to suffer in pain.

Sustaining a back injury as a result of a collision only makes matter worse, especially if your condition forces you to miss work.

That’s why it is highly recommended to seek College Park Chiropractic treatment as soon as possible following an accident. This is the only way to determine the extent of your condition, the source of your pain, and to follow through with treatment that allows you to return to your routine sooner than later.

If you injured your back in a car accident, contact us today for immediate pain relief.

Just fill out our online submission form to have one of our staff members follow up with you or call us at  (404) 592-0319.


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