How A College Park Chiropractors Can Help Car Accident Victims
Jun 13, 2017

College Park Car Accident Chiropractic Treatment | AICA College ParkAICA College Park’s Chiropractors treat a variety of common car accident injuries using holistic techniques that are free of adverse side effects.

For car accident victims who sustain Whiplash Injury, soft tissue damage, or back pain, Chiropractic care serves as an alternative to traditional medicine, which often relies on treatment solutions that offer temporary relief.

In order to prevent other chronic conditions from developing later on and to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary or ineffective treatments, consider scheduling a free consultation with one of our College Park Chiropractors to learn more about our approach to treating car accident injuries.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

If you are involved in a car accident in College Park, it’s important to meet with one of our Chiropractors as soon as possible. Delaying treatment or trying to ignore your symptoms may lead to other injuries or permanent damage.

Here are three ways in which our College Park Chiropractors can help you after a car accident:

Diagnose Spinal Damage

There a few types of spinal injuries that can be unnoticed because they do not always produce noticeable symptoms and most primary physicians are not trained to detect musculoskeletal damage.

When you visit one of our College Park Chiropractors, they will likely recommend one of our imaging devices to determine the exact source, depth, and size of your car accident injury. Using X-rays, CT Scans, and MRIs allows our team to develop a comprehensive view of your condition, which helps us determine the most appropriate combination of treatment solutions to use.

Once our examination is complete, our College Park Chiropractors will show you your test results, discuss their findings, and explain what they believe you should do to recover.

College Park Chiropractic Care Provides Immediate Pain Relief

Car accident victims can experience immediate pain relief without having to rely on prescription medications through Chiropractic Treatment. Whether you experience recurring headaches, significant soreness, or throbbing pain, Chiropractic can help.

Through manual adjustments, heat therapy, and other useful techniques, our Chiropractors can offer holistic solutions that stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This approach helps reduce inflammation, restore mobility, and restrengthens your damaged muscles to prevent relapses from occurring in the future.

Restores Typical Functioning and Mobility

Depending on the extent of your car accident, you will likely feel weak and sore following the collision. Muscle weakness makes you vulnerable to further damage, while also making it difficult to impossible to follow through with your routine.

Our College Park Chiropractors can help prevent your muscles from weakening to the point where you are exposed to more pain, while also helping you restore your mobility. Although you will go through a series of treatment sessions at our Chiropractic clinic, your Chiropractor can also provide you with exercises that are safe to perform at home. By following through with these exercises or stretches, you can reduce your recovery time, while also protecting yourself from reinjury.

Contact AICA College Park For Car Accident Injury Treatment and Pain Relief

A car accident can take place at any moment, regardless of how safe of a driver you are.

If you are involved in an accident, the best thing you can do for your health is to contact AICA College Park for an immediate examination. Our College Park Chiropractors help thousands of car accident victims each year, and we can help you, too.

Call us today to learn more about our approach to treating car accident injuries, as well as to receive answers to other questions you may have.

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