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Finding Relief from Sciatica Nerve Pain during Pregnancy

Aug 15, 2013

When a woman is pregnant, it is extremely common for her unborn baby’s weight to begin to affect her posture. This often causes the sciatic nerve to become inflamed or pinched, especially toward the end of her pregnancy, and sciatic nerve pain is the result. Sciatic nerve pain is a common complaint for many pregnant women, and some of the top College Park sciatica treatment options are outlined below.

Wear a Maternity Belt

Although maternity belts are not very attractive to look at, they are extremely helpful in reducing the pressure that the added weight of pregnancy places onto a woman’s body. This belt can be helpful in reducing pain or curing the problem entirely, and it can work to hold up the additional stomach weight so that added pressure isn’t placed onto the hips and back.

Change Sleeping Positions

Your sciatic nerve pain may flare up when you are trying to sleep, and changing positions can help to reduce it. If you primarily have pain on your right side, try sleeping on your left side at night. By reducing the pressure on that hip you can sometimes reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing.

Try Swimming

Swimming is often successful at relieving lower back pain due to the sciatic nerve–at least temporarily. This activity will allow your body to feel weightless, and this can relieve pressure that is placed on your nerves, hips, and joints. In addition to helping with your sciatic nerve pain, swimming is also a great way to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy.

Get a Massage

While some women feel that their sciatic nerve pain is too deep to benefit from massage, others feel this technique is helpful. Put your partner to work and have them massage the area of your back that is in the most pain. In addition to massage, chiropractic therapy will help you reduce your sciatica pain.


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