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Three Simple Ways to Avoid Back Injuries When Lifting

Jun 12, 2013

Most people feel confident in their ability to lift items safely and properly. However, back injuries when trying to lift heavy items are extremely common, and many warrant a trip to a chiropractor in College Park for treatment. In order to avoid these types of injuries, a few simple techniques should be employed when lifting heavy items.

Lead with Your Hips Instead of Your Shoulders

Twisting your body when lifting an item is a dangerous mistake that can result in a back injury. It is important to keep the shoulders in line with your hips to avoid a twisting movement. If you need to change directions, move your hips first so that your shoulders will move the same direction. You may injure your back if you move your shoulders first.

Ensure that Your Chest is Kept Forward

Be sure to bend form the hips and not the lower back when lifting. The most important tip for lifting is to bend at the hips and to push the chest outward so that it is pointing forward. If you bend your knees alone, your back will curve, and this can increase your risk of lower back injury. Your knees should bend automatically so that your leg muscles and hips can produce the power needed for lifting correctly.

Keep the Weight Close to Your Body

It is important to keep an object close to your center of gravity in order to minimize the amount of force needed to lift an item. Items feel much heavier when they are held further away from your body, and this will also require more force to hold the item up. This force then runs throughout the lower back, which can ultimately cause an injury. Therefore, you will be less likely to have a back injury if you hold an item close to your body.


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