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Prevent Back Pain by Choosing the Right Mattress

Sep 26, 2013

Back pain may be caused by a variety of accidents and injuries, but did you know that your mattress can actually be the culprit? Sleeping on a wrong mattress may worsen or even cause lower back pain, as the lack of proper support can strain muscles while failing to keep the spine in alignment.

While your College Park chiropractic clinic can help you to recover from back pain injuries, choosing the right mattress can actually prevent this pain before it occurs.

Choosing the Best Mattress

To choose the best mattress in order to prevent lower back pain, you should take the following considerations into account:

Physical components. It is important to understand what physical components are included in your mattress, including the inner springs and coils. Different mattresses will vary when it comes to the arrangement and number of coils, and the thickness of the padding on top of the mattress can also vary.

Proper back support. A great mattress should provide adequate support for the alignment and curves of the spine. Proper support can help to avoid soreness of the muscles in the morning, and some studies suggest that a medium-firm mattress will provide the best level of back pain relief.

Personal preference. No one mattress type or style will work for everyone that experiences lower back pain. Patients with pain should select the mattress that helps them to achieve their support and comfort standards while allowing them to get a great night’s sleep.

Balance comfort and support. Sufficient back support and comfort are equally important in a mattress. Patients who prefer a firmer mattress in order to achieve greater back support should choose one with thick padding to provide a higher level of comfort.

If you still experience back pain after you change your mattress, consider making an appointment with your chiropractor to determine if another cause is to blame.


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