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Chiropractic Methods for Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Nov 19, 2013

Participating in sports is a great way to stay healthy, as physical fitness will strengthen your joints, bones, and heart while reducing stress. Unfortunately, sport-related injuries are extremely common. If you experience any one of these injuries, contact your chiropractor to begin your sports injury rehabilitation.

Ankle Sprains

During the acute phase of an ankle sprain, it is vital to perform some variety of range of motion while not using resistance or weight. Chiropractors may help their patients with range of motion exercises. During later visits, your chiropractor will help you strengthen the joint by adding resistance, and certain unstable surfaces like stability discs and BOSU balls are great tools.


In order to help you overcome tendonitis, your chiropractor will adjust the spinal misalignment of your spine, and this can help to free it of pressure. Without that pressure, your body will have the chance to heal the inflammation that it suffers due to tendonitis. Your chiropractor can also provide you with tips on how to remain healthy.

Shin Splints

If you suffer from shin splints, the only effective mechanism for recovery is to correct the underlying cause. Chiropractors can help you to regain proper functioning of the knee and foot, and this can reduce strain so that the bones are able to heal. A chiropractor may also be able to recommend certain orthotics that can help to prevent this dysfunction.

Shoulder Dislocation

Chiropractors can help you to regain range of motion in your shoulder after a dislocation. They can also utilize a variety of maneuvers in order to help and prevent future dislocations. However, this treatment method requires extreme caution, as they run the risk of complications regarding the blood and nerve supply to the arm.

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