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Chiropractic Tips For A Pain-Free Workday

Jul 11, 2017

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Work Related Pain | AICA College ParkWorking in a profession that has you sitting down for hours at a time, several days a week is a sure way to develop a chronic condition like back pain.

The reality of careers that force you to sit in front of a computer monitor or behind the wheel of a vehicle is that static behavior adds a significant amount of stress to your bones, muscles, and spinal discs.

Work Pain Relief

If you sit for hours each day because of the demands of your job, consider the following recommendations provided by the experienced College Park chiropractors at AICA.

Chiropractic Tips For Pain-Free Work Days

One practical solution for preventing back pain at work is to remain conscious of how you are sitting. Staying upright reduces neck and back stress while sitting with your knees adjacent to your hips with your feet planted on the floor helps maintain correct posture.

If you find yourself sitting at your desk holding a textbook or laptop, stop. Although these objects may seem light in weight, holding them forces you to point your head downward, which irritates the nerves that surround your neck. They also add stress to your upper back, shoulders, and neck when held for long periods. Instead, place these items on a table or your desk to prevent tension and reduce stress.

Another recommendation offered by our College Park chiropractors is to take regular breaks throughout your workday. Try to stand up, stretch, or walk around for 10 minutes every hour to refresh your body and support blood circulation. If your company has a gym on site or there’s one located along your commute, consider becoming a member. Being active for one hour each day can go a long way in strengthening your back muscles and protecting you from chronic conditions.

If you are unfamiliar with gyms and aren’t comfortable working out, ask one of the trainers for support or search online to find exercises that align with your needs. You can watch how to properly perform any type of exercise you’re interested in by watching videos on popular websites like YouTube.

Contact AICA College Park For More Information and Chiropractic Treatment

If you come home after work and are in pain, contact AICA College Park for immediate support. We can provide you with more information and tips that help alleviate work-related pain, while also administering common chiropractic techniques that help support a healthy spine.

Patients who receive regular chiropractic adjustments experience pain-free workdays and notice improvements in their overall health. Contact our College Park chiropractors today to schedule a free consultation or examination –  (404) 592-0319.