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Once You Try Chiropractic, You Never Go “Back”
Oct 15, 2018

Chiropractic Treatment College Park GA | AICA College ParkOne of the most common myths our College Park chiropractors hear about is the idea that once you start to receive treatment, you are forced to continue for the rest of your life. Although this is not true, the health benefits connected to ongoing chiropractic care motivates many patients to actively seek out our support years after their first visit.

What’s The Truth?

There are variety of reasons why patients continue to receive chiropractic treatment after their original condition or injury is treated. For AICA College Park, our long-term patients say that they continue to visit our clinic for:

  • Pain Relief: Their aches, pain or other symptoms are often what prompts patients to continue treatment as a means for avoiding such issues again.
  • Correction: With the most obvious symptoms addressed, many patients choose to continue their treatment to stabilize and strengthen their spine.
  • Maintenance: Regular chiropractic care can help you maintain your progress and avoid a relapse.
  • Prevention: Periodic chiropractic checkups can help catch new problems early.
  • Wellness: Simply put, we experience life through our nervous system. That’s why optimizing our spine and nervous system is the key to becoming all that we can be.

Visit Our Chiropractic Clinic in College Park

How often you choose to receive treatment is your personal choice. However, our team is always available for help whenever you need it. That’s why we are open Monday through Sunday and provide 24/7 communication.

If you have not seen a chiropractor before, now is the time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or a complete examination – just dial (404) 592-0319.