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Alternative Treatment For Opioids
Oct 22, 2018

Alternative Treatment For Opioids | AICA College ParkOpioids have taken the lives of too many people throughout the College Park community. According to the National Institute of Drug abuse, opioids are responsible for approximately 30,000 people in 2017 – which is four times higher than it was a decade ago.

The unfortunate reality of the opioid epidemic is that it affects all types of people regardless of income, ethnicity, or other characteristics. This is a national emergency and that’s why our College Park chiropractors are here to give you safe alternatives to opioids for pain management.

Why Opioids Are Dangerous

Addictions derive from the central nervous system and the brain. When someone consumes opioids, their body releases particular hormones called endorphins. This type of hormone creates a relaxing, feel-good experience for the body and diminishes its perception of stress or pain. However, when the chemical effects start to wear off, many people try to regain that sense of euphoria by continuing to consume more drugs.

Thus, the cycle of addiction starts.

When someone actively consumes opioids for long periods, the body starts to develop a tolerance, which causes addicts to need to take more of the drug to experience their original effects. This state and level of dependency often leads to severe health issues or overdose.

College Park Chiropractic Can Help

The National Institutes of Health found that chronic pain impacts the lives of more people throughout the United States than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. In fact, pain is the primary cause of work disability along with the most common reason people search for medical treatment.

Unlike traditional forms of medicine, chiropractic relies on treatment solutions that are completely natural and drug-free. We focus on stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself using holistic procedures that are completely safe and don’t expose you to potential addiction.

If you are suffering in pain, contact our clinic today instead of reaching for solutions that only provide temporary relief. Just dial (404) 592-0319.