Seniors Can Live Healthier With Chiropractic Treatment
Nov 29, 2017

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Seniors | AICA College ParkMany people are not familiar with the value of Chiropractic care when it comes to supporting overall health. For seniors in College Park, regular Chiropractic Treatment can help relieve chronic pain, increase flexibility, and improve mobility. Contact our College Park Chiropractors to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how our services can help you live healthier.

Benefits of Chiropractic For Seniors

Chiropractic Treatment is one of the most useful forms of medicine when it comes to relieving pain. Using holistic solutions that work naturally with the body, Chiropractors can eliminate subluxations that disrupt the body’s ability to function correctly. In fact, studies prove that regular treatment helps digestion, improves immunity, and stimulates circulation.

For seniors who are concerned with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, Chiropractic care can also help manage these conditions. Other common health concerns that affect seniors and can be addressed through regular treatment include:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Joint degeneration

Chiropractic Care Helps Improve Range of Motion

Consistent treatment is proven to help seniors increase their range of motion. This means that seniors can participate with their environment more often and for more extended periods without experiencing pain or fatigue. Regular adjustments help keep the spine loose and relaxed, while also addressing common conditions like inflammation.

Improve Balance and Coordination

Concerns about balance and coordination are often associated with past injuries or degenerative issues that affect the cervical spine. Considering that approximately 30 percent of seniors are injured each year as a result of falling, finding ways to improve personal balance is essential. Chiropractic care can help with this by eliminating subluxations in the spine, while also providing recommendations on safe stretching techniques that help improve balance.

Contact AICA College Park For More Information

Contact our office to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the health benefits Chiropractic care can provide seniors throughout the community. AICA College Park is the region’s most experienced Chiropractic clinic, with over 20 years of experience helping patients overcome injuries and living healthier lives.

Our clinic is open Monday through Sunday and provides 24/7 access in case you have any questions. Dial (404) 592-0319 to schedule an appointment today.


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