Safe Alternatives For Treating Acne

Safe Alternatives For Treating Acne | AICA College ParkAcne can be an incredibly difficult condition to deal with as it often leads to confidence troubles. Our team at AICA College Park understand that there are many treatments out there but every treatment works differently for each individual.

The frustration and costly efforts of finding what works best for your skin type can leave you feeling defeated. However, there are many chemical free treatments that you may find helpful in minimizing the effects of acne. Although there is no cure-all we can help you help your skin in minimizing the effects of acne with these all natural treatments!

Tips For Treating Acne Without Medication

Tea tree oil is great for the skin as it is different than most oils that helps cut down sebum and those dead skin cells. Tea Tree is also an antibacterial and can aid in eliminating those pesky white heads and unclogging pores.

Probiotic supplement- secret weapon?

It’s often discussed that there is a link between your intestinal health and acne so by adding proper probiotics, your skin will also be affected. Having a probiotic flowing through your body will eliminate that bad bacteria from building up.

Sweet, honey!

Honey can be a great tool in healing those small wounds caused by breakouts and with its anti-inflammatory benefits, swelling and redness can be reduced significantly!

The College Park chiropractic treatment team is here to answer any questions in guiding you in finding the best solution to combat your acne. Please call us today at (404) 602-0387 for a consultation!

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