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Don’t Let The Cold Deter You From Achieving Great Health
Jan 23, 2019

Don't Let The Cold Deter You From Achieving Great Health | AICA College ParkWhen it’s cold outside exercise can be daunting as one may not know what to do. For those that like to walk outdoors, the cold can make you think twice about wanting to go out but allowing yourself to get out there will only benefit your health.

How to exercise in those cold frigid months

  • Drink, drink and drink! Water can be your best asset as it will help your body maintain optimal performance and help to prevent injury by allowing your muscles to get the fuel it needs. You may not realize it but your body does sweat even in the cold and drinking a sufficient amount will allow the right amount of water to remain in the body.
  • When planning your attire always keep in mind that dressing in layers is your best choice. This will allow for your body to remain warm but can adjust as your body temperature changes.
  • Keep your body warm by completing a short regime of warm ups before you embark on your workout routine outside. Your bones and muscles need to be warmed to avoid injury.
  • Partner up! Find a friend to walk with to help with your accountability as well as safety!
  • Among your layers of clothes, keep in mind it gets darker earlier so if you venture out in the later part of the day, make sure to wear reflective clothing for safety.
  • Keep in mind that faster is not always better when walking or running outside in the winter months. Always be mindful that ice can cause you to slip at any time so being mindful of your surroundings and maintaining a safe pace is always best.
  • After your workout, change your clothes into something that can keep you warm as you don’t want to stay in wet or cold clothes.

As you continue your exercises outside, your body will adjust to the climate and you will find yourself reaching your goals in no time! Believe it or not, your endorphins get pumping more in the colder weather than warm as the air is crisp and not so heavy in the summer months.

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