Ongoing Chiropractic Treatment
Oct 1, 2018

Ongoing Chiropractic Treatment | AICA College ParkFor those who are skeptical of the benefits connected to chiropractic, the idea of periodic examinations or adjustments after a particular condition is cured seems odd. Unfortunately, conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system can easily reappear if ongoing preventative measures aren’t taken.

Why is ongoing chiropractic treatment important?

One of the reasons why our Atlanta chiropractors recommend ongoing treatment after a particular condition is addressed is because of biomechanical changes that occur along the spine. When such adjustments occur, the muscles and nerves that extend through the back can become damaged. Unlike other aspects of someone’s health, muscles and nerves do not completely heal on their own and require medical support.

Addressing Long-Term Health Concerns

It can take several weeks to a few months before a patient starts to notice any symptoms related to a spinal condition. Many patients don’t realize they have a particular health issue until the source of their problem has had time to develop.

Returning to a chiropractor for treatment after a particular condition is resolved is critical for ensuring that the source of the issue does not return or develop again. Accidents, chemical reactions, and personal stress can all retrigger past health conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

Schedule an Appointment

If a past injury or condition reemerges, contact our College Park chiropractors right away to schedule an appointment or an examination. If you are a patient of ours, our staff can work on your behalf with your previous health providers to obtain all historical, relevant records.

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