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How Chiropractic Care Benefits Retired Athletes

Oct 28, 2014

Being active for a large part of your life can strengthen your body and keep it healthy well into your golden years. However, exertion can also add strain and rigor that may cause wear and tear to your body. This strain causes pain and discomfort, while also hindering flexibility.

If you are a retired athlete, chiropractic care helps maintain your current health and overcome the effects from hard hits, sprains and other repetitive injuries that have resulted from years of playing sports.

Even after retirement you may work out to stay in shape, but your body is still at risk for developing sports-related injuries. Chiropractic care helps you avoid injuries so you stay in prime health.

It’s Not Invasive

Surgery comes with uncertainty for athletes because a full recovery is always in question. Unlike surgery, chiropractic care treats your injury at its source, but without the need of anesthetics and scalpels.

Many athletes opt for chiropractic treatment if they can avoid surgery and a prolonged recovery. Even when you’re retired, you can still benefit from chiropractic care as an alternative to surgery.

Lessens Severity of Injury

Small injuries can develop into much larger problems over time, becoming more painful and harder to treat. Consider using your chiropractor to heal these problems more quickly than standard intervention.

A chiropractor may notice small problems you weren’t aware of and treat them early, preventing your injury from getting worse over time.

After retirement, it’s easy to let the many small injuries you’ve suffered turn into a big problem. Chiropractic care can help treat your long-standing injuries that you thought destined you for surgery, and raise your quality of life.

Stress Management

As a retired athlete, you still deal with physical stress as you did when you were playing competitively. Many current and former athletes choose chiropractic treatment because it is a good stress manager.

A chiropractic adjustment straightens your spine to relieve pressure from nerves, and helps your flexibility. This can relieve stress on your body and help it handle pressure better because your spine is aligned, agile and can bend without pain. Even after your sporting days are behind you, chiropractic care will keep you flexible and healthy.

Seek Care Today!

Even if you are no longer hitting home runs, scoring touchdowns or winning matches, you need to stay active to keep your body healthy. Don’t let injuries keep you on the bench. Get help!

Many former athletes like Johnny Damon, Joe Montana and others use chiropractors to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Let chiropractic care keep you in the game of healthy living so you can be a hero for years to come. Visit your local chiropractor to find what treatments are available for you.


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