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Chiropractic Care Supports Emotional Health & Positive Body Image

Sep 26, 2016

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The concept of emotional health for women throughout College Park is just as important as physical.

Medical studies show a direct correlation between a healthy mind and healthy body with personal image serving as one of the most influential factors that to contribute to this state.

Personal Perception and Health

Today’s society places an ever increasing emphasis on appearing a certain way to be accepted. Women throughout College Park and the United States are bombarded with content that illustrates a particular version for what “perfection” and “beauty” look like.

Considering how this message affects women, specifically, in cases involving bulimia or anorexia nervosa, the Chiropractors at AICA College Park wanted to offer some recommendations that can help women feel confident and in control over their health.

Challenging cultural standards that dictate a particular personal image and overcoming deep rooted insecurities can be tough.

However, when you are provided with the right support and the tools that help you reach your goals, anything can be done.

Here are some ways that you can boost your personal perception and improve the way you feel:

Talk To Other Women

Discussing your insecurities with close female friends and other women is a great way to learn how others are coping with similar concerns.

It’s important to keep in mind that even when you feel at your worst, you are not alone and that these feelings are not unique. Many women struggle with insecurities about their image and how well they fit in with others; pretending as if this isn’t normal only makes things worse.

If you are not comfortable with discussing these concerns with someone you know, our Chiropractors are trained at supporting emotional health and can provide some recommendations that help improve your confidence.

Ignore The Media’s Perception For How Women Should Look

Messages perpetuated by the media around how women should look and act are not reflections of reality.

You as the individual need to choose what messages are appropriate and helpful for maintaining a positive image of yourself.

Allowing some marketing campaign to dictate how you act and feel only makes matters worse. Next time you see an ad on television portraying some model, try turning your TV off.

Don’t Stress About Numbers

Instead of always stressing over weight or calorie intake, try to focus more on your eating habits and other lifestyle patterns.

Try to remain connected to the things that are important for your health and attitude, such as family and exercise.

Avoid Your Bathroom Scale

Weight fluctuation is completely normal, and there are some factors that contribute to this. There is no need to obsess overstepping on your scale every day since it is more likely to stress you out than lead to anything positive.

It’s totally normal to feel good about yourself; don’t allow a machine to dictate how you feel.

You Are Great As Your Are, Don’t Compare Yourself

Your genetic makeup and physiology are unique to you and you only.

Embrace your unique characteristics without comparing yourself to someone else or using another person as a reference point. The odds are that whoever you think is more attractive or in better physical shape than you feels the same thing. Instead of feeling insecure or less than, try talking to that person to see how they feel.

Spend More Time Around Positive Influences

Spending time doing the things you love and with the people you care about has a significant role in how you feel or think. One of the best ways you can improve your image and health is to surround yourself with positive influences; people who also have a healthy relationship with fitness, wellness, and food.

Get Exercise By Performing Activities You Enjoy

Exercising is an excellent way to feel secure, at peace, and full of positive energy.

Try following through with activities that you enjoy instead of forcing yourself to perform exercises that feel more like chores.

Lear More From The Chiropractors at AICA College Park

The Chiropractors at AICA College Park can provide you with a variety of solutions that help you take control over your self-image and improve your confidence.

Through regular Chiropractic Adjustments that remove all interferences within your internal systems to adjusting some lifestyle choices, you can ensure that your mind and body are always performing at their best.

We are available 24/7 to schedule a consultation or to answer any questions you have.

You can set up your first appointment by filling out our online submission form or by calling us today at (404) 592-0319.


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