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The Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy For Patients Near College Park

Uncategorized | Jul 21, 2016

The Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is considered an alternative therapy and focuses on detecting and releasing trigger points. Found in the skeletal muscle, trigger points are areas that produce pain when compressed. In a lot of cases, trigger points form as a result of injury to the muscle fibers. Usually used to treat pain-related conditions, trigger point therapy…

Uncategorized | Nov 5, 2018

Treating Frozen Shoulder At AICA College Park

Shoulder issues can range from minor irritation to debilitating pain. “Frozen shoulder” is a common injury that can have a negative impact on your daily life. The medical name for this injury is adhesive capsulitis and presents with pain, stiffness, and possible decreased range of motion.

Uncategorized | Mar 20, 2020

Covid 19 Update

Injury Treatment at AICA During Outbreak To Our Valued Patients, As you know, we deeply care about the wellbeing and safety of each of our patients, and that sentiment continues as we navigate this new virus. AICA Orthopedics will continue to serve car accident and personal injury victims during this…

how to pick a good chiropractor

Uncategorized | Sep 11, 2020

How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Finding the right chiropractor for you can be a tough decision when you aren’t sure where to start or how to look. When you are looking for a College Park chiropractor, it can be helpful to learn more about a chiropractor, their practice, and how they treat their practice members.…

Different Types of MRIs and What They Look For

Imaging, Uncategorized | May 18, 2021

Different Types of MRIs and What They Look For

If you’ve recently suffered a sports injury or car accident injury then your doctor may want to utilize diagnostic imaging tools to get a better picture of what kind of damage your body has experienced. An MRI scan is one of the most common types of diagnostic imaging tools that…