What Are Muscle Spasms?

What Are Muscle Spasms? | AICA College ParkAs you reach for an item on the top shelf of the cabinet, your back seizes in pain as a muscle starts to spasm.

The pain is severe, and you can hardly move.

How Could Something So Simple Result In Such Pain?

The answer is – it didn’t.

Reaching out overextended a muscle that was already injured. This caused the muscle to go into spasm to protect it from any further harm.

Muscles can become strained due to repetitive movements or habits, such as poor posture, sitting in front of a computer, heavy lifting, or swinging a racquet.

When muscles have been under stress for some time, all it takes is one sudden movement for an already strained muscle to start to spasm.

When this occurs, all the muscle fibers simultaneously contract. Muscle contractions cut off blood supply, which creates even more muscle cramps, causing the muscle to contract even more.

Chiropractic Treatment for Muscle Spasms

It can take many weeks for a muscle spasm to abate, so try the following to start the healing process.

Chiropractic treatment contributes to relieve the cause of muscle spasms once they present themselves as well as preventing them from occurring in the first place!

Proper nerve function is vital to proper muscle function, and chiropractic adjustments identify and right areas of the spine where there is nerve dysfunction.

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