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Using Chiropractic Care as an Alternative to Pills for Your Child

Mar 30, 2015

Nobody wants to see their kids struggle with taking pills. It’s difficult to maintain the habit, to nag them to take them and watch like an eagle that they don’t forget or purposefully ignore their daily dose. Taking medication, especially as a child, is not natural. Often the medication will cause difficult if not dangerous side effects that need to be mitigated practically as much as the primary condition itself. It can feel like trading one set of problems for another. To say nothing of the social stigma attached to medications for children. That’s why people faced with a problem involving the mental or social health of their child may choose to turn to a natural kids doctor in College Park, to whom they can ask all of their questions and get answers that aren’t bound by the medicinal model of health.

While it used to be that children who were unable to focus or sit still were merely rambunctious, today that definition has subsided with the rise of ADHD diagnoses, as well as other conditions that affect children. The usual remedy is medication.

Often taking medications will mean getting alternative classroom attention, trips to the psychiatrist and monitoring from the administration or other mental health specialists. All of this attention, in a huge school system that isn’t well funded, creates a very real burden on parents who are trying to discover the best way to help their children deal with conditions where medication is recommended or prescribed.

When you’re concerned about medication and would like to explore an alternative, the chiropractor is an interesting option. There have been many cases of symptoms in children with clinical conditions ebbing away with the help of chiropractic adjustment. Often, these children would receive help for subluxations in the cervical spine, where the structures and nerves are most closely connected with the brain. Sometimes a single treatment was effective, and usually the treatments extended over weeks to maintain the alignment and promote as much healing and decrease in pressure throughout the nervous system.

In these successful cases, the medications were often decreased or stopped altogether.

As there are many, you seek out chiropractors for their general health benefits. Taking your child to a competent chiropractor is a great way to augment their treatment and learn if there are untapped avenues for their success.

Another aspect of the chiropractic route is the focus on whole body wellness. This can help your child grapple with his or her challenges by simply feeling better physically, and getting the right rest, exercise and nutrition.

Often ADHD symptoms are helped by attending to all of the factors in a child’s life. Your chiropractor can provide you with a treatment plan to promote whole body wellness that can help many symptoms die away without medication.

That being said, don’t remove your child from medication without first speaking to your doctor. While a chiropractor can help the symptoms go away, if your child has ADHD the essential condition will remain. The idea is to find the best ways to live with it.


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