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Staying Safe When Traveling by Commuter Rail In College Park

Jan 13, 2016

Safety is of the utmost importance while traveling in public transportation, and traveling by commuter rail is no different.

To avoid a trip to a College Park personal injury chiropractor, consider the following safety tips.

Crossing the Tracks

  • Only cross commuter rail tracks in spots that are designated crossings.
  • Watch for a second train when crossing tracks and don’t pass until you are sure that all tracks are clear.
  • Know that commuter trains operate in a push-pull mode, meaning passengers can travel on either track either direction.
  • Be aware that trains can be hard to hear, especially when snow, the wind, or rain is present.

At the Station

  • Keep children close to you while waiting for your train.
  • Be aware that trains may not be slowing down or stopping at the station while you are waiting.
  • Stand behind yellow safety lines at stations when waiting to board your train.
  • Stay back from the platform edge and don’t sit along it.
  • Refrain from running next to or after a moving train.

Getting on and Off

  • Only exit or board a train where a conductor is located.
  • Be careful of the gap when you step off and on the train.
  • Never exit or board a train that is moving.
  • Always hold handrails when going down or upstairs on the train.

At Crossings

  • Never go on a crossing unless the arms are fully upright and flashing lights are off.
  • Don’t stop on a crossing under any circumstance.
  • Don’t shift gears if driving on the tracks, and get out of your vehicle and off the tracks, if your car stalls on them.

During Inclement Weather

  • Arrive at the station early.
  • Never open your side or trap doors.
  • Take care when exiting or boarding the train, as weather conditions can cause slip and fall accidents due to slick or slippery platforms.

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