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Why More People In College Park Choose Chiropractic For Pain Relief
Jul 23, 2018

Why More People In College Park Choose Chiropractic For Pain Relief | AICA College ParkAs more people seek natural alternatives to invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals to treat their pain, chiropractic care is growing in popularity.

Chiropractic For Chronic Pain

Palmer Chiropractic College confirmed this through a 2016 Gallup poll, of those surveyed:

  • Over 35.5 million people reported they had received chiropractic care within the last 12 months.
  • 95% responded that chiropractic was effective in treating their condition.
  • 89% responded that they would recommend chiropractic to friends and family.
  • 97% responded that they would likely see a chiropractor for neck or back pain.
  • 88% responded that chiropractic care is a good value for the money.

Non-Drug Treatments for Back Pain should be Sought First

The American College of Physicians updated their guidelines for managing and treating lower back pain in April 2017.

In the publication, they advocate for non-drug treatments like heat, exercise, stress reduction and spinal manipulation before seeking medication. In effort to direct people away from unnecessary drugs, they recommend trying more natural options as a first (and hopefully last) step in managing low back pain.

Chiropractic is a Healthier, Safer Option

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have reported that opioid abuse and overdose has grown to epidemic proportions. It is estimated that 91 Americans die from opioid overdose daily, including by opioids prescribed by a doctor.

The abuse, overdose and death rates from popular pain medications like oxycodone and hydrocodone has increased rapidly over the past two decades. Since 1999, deaths caused by overdose of these drugs, methadone, and others have quadrupled.

With these medications being so highly addictive along with having dangerous side effects, most states are taking aggressive measures to stop over-prescribing these drugs. Still, patients are finding ways to maneuver around these regulations. With the national crisis of opioid addiction, patients should seek and doctors should recommend natural, non-medicinal pain management and relief first.

More People are Turning to Natural Remedies

Eager to avoid invasive treatments and addictive medications, more and more patients are seeking out more natural remedies. In fact, chiropractic and other natural remedies seldom treat only the symptom.

Instead, to treat the cause chiropractic finds and addresses the root of the trouble. Beyond being medication free and non-invasive, through this approach, correcting the cause of the condition also eliminates other bothersome symptoms. See your local College Park chiropractor for a non-invasive, medication free approach to relieving your pain.