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Pain in Rib Joints: Can Chiropractic Care Help?
Mar 22, 2019

Pain in Rib Joints - Can Chiropractic Care Help | AICA College ParkThere is an expression some people use and they may say, “ I threw my rib out” and this pain can be excruciating. The pain however can be mistaken for heart problems or reflux conditions. Good news. Chiropractors can help!

What Causes Rib Subluxation?

According to AICA College Park Chiropractors , rib joint pain or rib subluxation can occur due to:

  • Bad Posture: Poor posture causes extreme stress on the spine. This usually happens over time and can cause the ribs to dislocate.
  • Excessive Coughing: Coughing excessively or sneezing hard can lead to the possible dislocation of your ribs.
  • Pregnancy: When a woman becomes pregnant her main body weight shifts to the front and the rib cage continues to have a constant downward pull. This can also result in a rib subluxation.
  • Excessive Vomiting: When you’re vomiting excessively there is a possibility for your ribs to move out of place causing pain.

What are the Symptoms?

Our AICA College Park Chiropractors have observed the following symptoms among rib subluxation patients:

  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Pain in the back and chest area
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in moving
  • Numbness in the surrounding ribs
  • Painful sneezing and coughing

Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractors can provide care for those affected by rib subluxation. When your Chiropractor meets you they will first evaluate your condition and determine the position of your ribs. Once the injury is determined, they will use chiropractic techniques and then they will work to place the ribs back into position.

Vibration, stretching, and massages may be used to help the patient. Our chiropractors will apply firm pressure to gently get the rib into its proper position. Sometimes, stabilization is used to quicken the healing process. Normally the patient does not feel any pain during the sessions.

If you’re suffering from rib pain and are searching for an experienced chiropractor, please call our College Park car accident chiropractors who can help get you feeling like your best self! Call us today at (404) 592-0319!