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Natural Ways To Combat Anxiety
May 17, 2019

Natural Ways To Combat Anxiety | AICA College ParkStress is unfortunately a part of many Americans lives as they carry so much on their plates. Some stress however is more situational, but for those 40 million adults who struggle with anxiety, their level of stress is on a whole other level. This type of mental illness is the most common in the United States and although there is no cure, there is many natural remedies and treatments to help find relief.


Chamomile has been known for many years to have a soothing effect, especially for those with anxiety. This healing agent works to improve cardiovascular function and well as boosts the immune system and provide as a form of protection from some cancers. Chamomile can be found in the form of capsules or tea and for those anxiety sufferers they have the option to choose which will work best for their lifestyle.


Believe it or not, what you fuel your body with has a lot to do with anxiety levels! If you are looking to lower your anxiety level, fuel your body with some omega-3! Walnuts, chia seeds and even salmon are packed with these omega-3’s that will balance your adrenaline and cortisol as well as serotonin levels.


Whatever your method of exercise may be, you can ultimately help decrease your level of stress and anxiety! By getting up and moving, even taking a brisk ten minute walk can lift your mood drastically! When one exercises, their brain works better with the rest of their body and combats stress more effectively.

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