How You Can Easily Eat More Veggies For A Healthier Heart
Feb 10, 2016

Easily Eat More Veggies For A Healthier Heart | AICA College ParkFebruary celebrates healthy hearts around the United States, as it serves as National Heart Health Month.

For those who are unaware of the devastating effects associated with heart disease, it is responsible for taking over 600,000 lives each year and adding over $444 billion to the nation’s growing healthcare debt.

Heart Disease Awareness

That’s why our team of experienced Chiropractors in College Park is doing their part to raise awareness around what you can do to prevent cardiovascular disease from developing in your lifetime.

The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services now recommend that you consume at least nine servings of vegetables and fresh fruits each day to fend off debilitating diseases and conditions that include heart disease and stroke.

Try the following six simple tips for how you can go about incorporating this type of recommended diet into your daily routine.

Add Fresh Fruit To Your Cereal

Regardless of what kind of cereal you may consume or even if you don’t eat a balanced breakfast on a daily basis, getting your hands on fresh fruit in some form or fashion is simple to do.

Add a sliced banana to your cereal, blend up a variety of fruits to make a delicious smoothie, or sprinkle berries on your french toast.

Turn Fruit Into A Decoration That Turns Into A Snack

Whenever you get back from the grocery store, make sure you wash your fruit and everything to a glass bowl that sits on your table or countertop.

As you walk from room to room, try picking one up as a well-deserved snack.

Make Yourself A Fruit Salad

When the fruit is washed, cut, and organized in a colorful way, it becomes much more appealing and desirable.

Try making yourself a fruit salad a few times each week to consume a significant amount of fruits in one sitting.

Not Into Fruit Salads? Try The Green Kind

Making yourself a crisp, fresh salad every day goes a long way in stabilizing your body’s internal systems, maintaining a complete, healthy diet, and preventing the onset of disease and sickness.

Try to incorporate as many different types of vegetables as possible to get everything your body needs, from vitamin A and fiber to Calcium and Vitamin K.

Compliment Your Cheese with A Piece of Fruit

Fruits like apples, grapes, and pears go great with various kinds of cheeses.

Turn Your Vegetables Into A Drink

The concept of juicing continues to grow in popularity each year as more people become aware of its associated health benefits.

Juicing your fruits and vegetables is efficient, cost effective, and allows you to take a great portion of your daily requirements in next to no time.