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Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment before Working Out
Dec 7, 2016

Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment before Working Out | AICA College ParkThis common question might cause some confusion among patients, but there is an easy way to look at it.

“Do I need to get an adjustment before or after my workout?”

Based on our experience supporting patients throughout the community, the Chiropractors at AICA College Park believe you should get adjusted before working out.

Here’s why.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Exercise

Most people believe that they should get adjusted after exercise, but let’s think about this. In the early stages of treatment, we are working to reduce pain by removing the nerve pressure from the spine.

Once the pressure is released, the patient will feel better, but there is still a misalignment between the bones of the spine that can find the nerve.

Also, the muscles that are attached to the spine are not completely balanced, so if a patient goes for a workout before an adjustment, the initial spinal complaint could slightly worse if he/she waits to get adjusted until after a workout.

The Benefits of Getting Adjusted before Working Out

Coming into getting treated before a workout allows the muscles to relax and helps avoid any possible stress-related injuries during exercise.

Another benefit to getting adjusted before your workout is the adjustment allows your body to operate closer to its optimum potential by relieving pressure from your central nervous system, also known as the CNS.

This system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord and controls your entire health potential.

By getting adjusted, this allows the CNS to have proper nerve flow from your spinal cord to all of your organs, tissues, and cells.

The CNS is important in your workouts because your body enters the fight/flight response when it is being stressed from exercise. If the CNS is not functioning properly, like the engine to a car, then the car cannot run.

By getting adjusted before the workout, you allow your chosen exercise to act as a benefit as opposed to a stressor.

Schedule A Consultation with AICA College Park to Learn More

For some people, there is no worse feeling than that of wasted time in the gym. For you to receive the maximum benefit from your workout, you need your central nervous system to be firing on all cylinders.

So, if you want the most out of your workouts then set up those appointments with your Chiropractor before exercising.

Whether you are going to the gym, yoga studio or hitting the pavement for a long run, it is always important to perform at your very best.