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Choose College Park Chiropractic Care For Stress Reduction

Feb 28, 2017

Stress is a constant factor in the modern world.

Especially in our society, where we work longer hours than ever before, and the media is constantly overwhelming our senses with the latest trending story, it’s easy to understand why so many people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety.

College Park Chiropractic Care and Stress Reduction

Fortunately, College Park Chiropractic care is proven to be effective in helping patients reduce their personal stress levels.

Continue reading to learn more about how conventional Chiropractic treatment can help you relax, focus your energy on positive channels, and reduce the tension that continues to build throughout your body.

Causes of Chronic Stress and Anxiety

To treat chronic stress, it’s important to understand how stress is created

There are three primary concepts that medical physicians refer to when discussing the causes of stress: environment, physical, and emotional.

Environmental Stress

Environmental stress is caused by the objects, people, and messages that surround you on a daily basis. An example of environmental stress is when you walk down a quiet road and suddenly hear a loud noise.

Air and noise polution are both examples of envionrmental stress.

Physical Stress

Physical stress refers to illness, exhaustion, and malnutrition.

Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is different than the first two examples since it refers to how we as individuals interpret particular events.

For example, if you walk into your office and say, “Good morning” to your boss and he doesn’t respond, you may feel insecure about the situation, causing you to become stressed over whether your boss is possibly unhappy with your performance.

Although your boss may be preoccupied with other things or simply failed to hear, your interpretation of the situation has a direct effect on how your feel emotionally.

How College Park Chiropractic Care Helps Reduce Chronic Stress and Anxiety

Over the last two decades, many studies have been conducted to understand the consequences of chronic stress and how it affects your long-term health.

The good news is that Chiropractic care can help manage and reduce your stress.

Chiropractic Adjustments are proven to help relax muscle tension, which as a result, helps reduce the stress that’s applied to particular parts of the skeleton. Regular adjustments also help permanently remove subluxations that develop in your spine and prevent your body from performing naturally.

Schedule A Chiropractic Consultation For Immediate Stress Relief

If you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety and have tried other forms of medication without success, call the Chiropractors at AICA College Park for immediate stress relief.

You can schedule a consultation or an immediate examination by filling out our online contact form or by calling us today at (404) 592-0319.


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