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Why Chiropractic Care Is More Cost Effective Than Medical Care

Oct 24, 2016

Consumers throughout College Park deserve better options when it comes to pain relief and health management.

Someone who visits a medical office in College Park for chronic pain can quickly become dependent on the medication they receive, especially considering how frequently opioids are prescribed.

Even more, the costs associated with traditional medicine are extremely high, and straightforward ailments can quickly lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills.

That’s why Chiropractic care serves as the most effective and efficient form of health care.

Chiropractic care continues to grow in popularity because of its general approach to wellness and preventative medicine.

Recent studies conducted by various medical organizations are determining that the cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic care for addressing musculoskeletal and neurological conditions continues to improve as more insurance companies include it as a protected benefit.

Traditional Medical Treatment Can Be Expensive

Did you know that the average visit to the doctor costs close to $150? Even with insurance, a deductible or significant co-pay can quickly add up depending on the circumstances.

Between the cost of your office checkup and the medication you’re prescribed, you can easily owe over $1,000 based on the type of insurance coverage you have.

Even more severe than the cost is the fact that the pain medication you’re prescribed only provides temporary relief, forcing you to return to your doctor for more support.

How Chiropractic Care Is Different

Most Chiropractic examinations at our College Park office cost between $30 to $50. We offer consultations so that you can ask any questions you may have, as well as to learn what your examination will consist of, including how much it will cost based on your insurance coverage.

Our goal is to provide immediate pain relief, while also offering complete peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your health without ending up in debt.

Because our physicians do not rely on prescription drugs, you can receive treatment without the risk of developing some physical dependency or spending more money.

Chiropractic Care Saves Money and Protects You From Big Pharma

Research shows that spinal manipulation therapy is more cost-effective for neck and low back pain than general practitioner care, physical therapy, or controlled exercise.

Chiropractic Care Is The Big Picture

Insurance providers are beginning to accept Chiropractic care as an essential and necessary component for maintaining positive health and wellness.

If you have never seen a Chiropractor before, now is the perfect time to do so. Our College Park office is available 24/7 to schedule a consultation or to answer any initial questions you may have.

Just fill out our online submission form to schedule an appointment or call us today at (404) 592-0319.


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