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Welcome to AICA’s College Park Chiropractic Clinic. AICA is one of College Park’s leading medical centers for Motor Vehicle, Slip and Fall, and Work Related accident injury treatment. Our Medical and Chiropractic Doctors offer the most comprehensive approach to Accident Injury Treatment in College Park, GA. We combine Orthopedic, Neurological, and Pain Management treatment specialties, along with Physical Therapy, to treat your injuries. Our Chiropractic office is located at 1624 Virginia Avenue College Park, Georgia 30337.

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At AICA, we have treated over 25,000 accident victims over the last 10 years, with many patients receiving full injury treatment, with no out of pocket cost. We can provide the documentation you need, to move forward with a settlement claim, and the treatment you deserve to help you work towards a complete recovery. Call today and schedule your FREE consultation and X-ray*.

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The College Park Chiropractic Clinic has a specific focus on victims of accidents, so call if you are experiencing:

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Read what others are saying about AICA:

I got injured at work. Unfortunately, I did not have health insurance. The doctors at AICA provided quick and proper care that allowed me to get back to work as quickly as possible.
Pam R.

I hit the floor so hard and so quickly that I was truly scared. My husband tried to get me to go to the hospital. However, I called AICA and this was the best phone call I made!
Sara E.

Please Read what others are saying about AICA: Reviews

Do I Need A Lawyer?

After being injured in an accident, hiring an attorney may be in your best interest. However, you should always call the doctor first. An accident lawyer won’t be able to do anything for you, until you see a doctor and have your injuries documented, diagnosed, and treated. An insurance company will want to see that your injuries were serious and that you sought after follow-up care – even after being released from the Emergency Room.

If you are injured, of course you should call a doctor first!

AICA’s doctors are experienced with accident injuries and can give you the documentation that you will need to move forward with your personal injury claim. If you desire to speak with an attorney about your options, all of AICA’s doctors have working relationships with local personal injury attorneys and can recommend one upon request.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

The most important thing to remember after an injury, is that no amount of money is worth lifelong pain. Many of our patients have been treated with no out-of-pocket costs for care. If you were injured at no fault of your own you may be eligible to receive complete injury treatment at NO COST TO YOU! We have a variety of cash plans available and accept most major insurances. Call our patient representatives to start the process today.

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Scheduling an appointment with the Doctors, Chiropractors, Therapists and Specialists at AICA is a quick and easy process. Our doctors are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak with you about your injury. Because our doctors see patients 7 days a week, in most cases same-day appointments are available for you. Don’t suffer through your pain any longer. Call today and start the process of getting better today!

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

*X-ray offered if medically necessary

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Schedule Your Appointment 24/7
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About Your Injury
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AICA offers chiropractic care services with a special focus on:

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