Chiropractic Treatment For Hand Injuries

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Hand Injuries and Pain | AICA College ParkHand injuries can cause a series of complications that affect your health and ability to follow through with your normal way of life. If left untreated, you may likely experience chronic pain or other conditions like arthritis later in life.

Although there are a variety of reasons why patients sustain a hand injury, our College Park Chiropractors can provide treatment for any kind, relieve pain, and help you recover without the risk of future relapses.

Contact AICA College Park today if you recently injured your hand or suffer from some chronic condition. Just call us atĀ (404) 592-0319.

Common Causes of Hand Injuries

In general, there are five kinds of hand injuries that our College Park Chiropractors tend to treat:

Common Symptoms of Hand Injuries


Fractures and dislocations

Soft tissue injuries and amputations

Accident injuries

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Hand Injuries

Chiropractic treatment for hand injuries begins with a complete examination. Depending on your injury, our Chiropractors may recommend the use of an imaging device, such as an X-ray machine or MRI scan.

AICA College Park’s clinic has several types of imaging machines on-site, which allow our Chiropractors to develop the most appropriate treatment solutions that align with the precise size and depth of each patient’s injury. Although each treatment plan is unique, most hand injuries require a combination of massage therapy, immobilization, and manual adjustments to recover.

Contact AICA College Park For Immediate Treatment and Pain Relief

If you injure your hand in an accident or suffer from a chronic condition like arthritis, contact AICA College Park to schedule a free consultation. We are available Monday through Sunday and welcome walk-in appointments for those who require immediate treatment.

AICA College Park is the community’s most experienced Chiropractic Clinic, serving the greater region for over 20 years. Our approach to treating hand injuries has helped thousands of patients recover quickly and safely, allowing them to return to their favorite activities without concern over reinjury. Schedule a free consultation with our Chiropractors by dialingĀ (404) 592-0319.

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