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Chiropractic Treatment Near College Park | AICA College ParkOur College Park Chiropractors do everything in their power to treat our patient’s symptoms in ways that relieve pain as quickly as possible, while also giving them the tools they need to prevent future situations that involve sciatica or chronic back pain.

Since the concept of Chiropractic Medicine is not as well-known or as utilized as other medical fields, it is important that you as the patient ask any and all questions you have to understand:

If you have never visited a Chiropractor before, please review the following information, which offers insight around one of the most common forms of treatment; the chiropractic examination.

The First Chiropractic Visit at AICA College Park

When patients visit our College Park office for the first time, our doctors tend to conduct a brief initial consultation meeting that allows them to gain an initial understanding of your current status, as well as your medical history.

For you, this consultation meeting serves as an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as well as to gain an understanding around your Chiropractor’s approach, experience, and philosophy.

Patient History and Symptoms

When preparing for your first consultation meeting, you will be asked to fill out some simple forms that expose information around your:

Some of the questions you may be asked include:

Chiropractic Exams Near College Park

When it comes time for the Chiropractic Examination to take place, your doctor will follow through with some tests that focus on:

If necessary, your doctor may want to conduct additional examinations around your injury or the source of pain, including asking you to move in a particular manner or express your natural posture/stance. In some cases, Chiropractic Manipulation may also be required.

Diagnostic Studies

Depending on your medical history and the results of your examination(s), diagnostic studies may be necessary to accurately identify particular pathologies and structural concerns.

Although diagnostic studies are not always necessary, they should be conducted if your doctor believes that an X-ray or some other type of scan would provide information that helps them manage your treatment process more efficiently. The most common diagnostic studies conducted during an examination include:

After The Chiropractic Examination

Findings from the combination of the above, patient history, physical examination and any required diagnostic studies lead to a particular diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is determined, the chiropractor will determine if the condition will react positively to chiropractic care. At the end of the patient’s initial visit, the chiropractor will explain the patient’s:

Some chiropractors will also provide the above information in written form, so the patient may take it home and think about it and conduct their research. Most chiropractors begin treatment during the patient’s first visit, although some may wait until the next appointment at the chiropractic clinic. Chiropractic treatment goals and suggestions may include some or all of the following:

Other treatments such as massage, heat/cold application, and education on ergonomics and nutrition.

Therapeutic Benefits of Chiropractic Examinations In College Park

Some of the more common conditions that our examinations can identify and address include:

Understanding the Purpose and Goals of Chiropractic Care

Your Chiropractor will make sure to establish specific goals that relate to the treatment plan they customize for you.

These goals are typically considerate of:

Short-Term Goals – Focus on reducing or relieving your pain, restoring joint mobility or function and improving your muscle balance.

Long-Term Goals – Focus on completely restoring functional independence, allowing you to return to your routine.

To meet these goals, your Chiropractor will recommend a specific number of office visits, while also possibly giving you some activities that you can perform on your own time to support the recovery process. Most cases of lower back pain can be treated with one to three visits per month, while other more drastic injuries might require one to three visits per week.

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