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Chiropractic Treatment For ATV Accident Injuries

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For ATV Accident Injuries | AICA College ParkAll-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) first became popular in the United States in the 1970′s and serve as excellent resources for both work and recreation. Primarily used for off-road excursions, ATVs can weigh up to 400 lbs and travel as fast a 90 mph, making them extremely dangerous for inexperienced or distracted drivers.

In fact, over 800 people are killed out of the 130,000 ATV accidents that take place each year, throughout the United States. Although this figure has gradually declined over the last few decades, our College Park Chiropractors still treat dozens of ATV-related accident injuries each year. If you are hurt in an ATV accident, contact our College Park Chiropractors for immediate treatment. You can call us Monday through Sunday by dialing (404) 592-0319.

Common ATV Injuries Treated By College Park Chiropractic Care

The size, weight, and speed of an average ATV create significant risk when it comes to rolling or flipping your vehicle over. Considering the types of conditions that most ATVs are used to drive through (e.g., mountains, backwoods), ATVs require experience and respect to avoid rolling over or off of a trail. Although a helmet can protect your head from sustaining severe damage, the rest of your body is exposed to trauma. Most ATV accident victims visit our College Park Chiropractic Clinic to be treated for soft tissue damage, fractured bones, and torn ligaments.

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For ATV Accident Injuries

For these types of injuries, our College Park Chiropractors always follow through with a complete examination to determine the source and extent of each patient’s condition. Using several state-of-the-art imaging devices (e.g., MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays), our Chiropractors can identify the specific characteristics of your injury, helping them determine the best course of action considering treatment. Most ATV accident injuries require a combination of immobilization, ongoing adjustments, and physical therapy to recover.

Contact The Chiropractors At AICA College Park For ATV Injury Relief

If you experience an accident while driving an ATV through College Park, contact our Chiropractic clinic to schedule a free consultation or an immediate examination. We can help you overcome your pain, recovery from your injuries, and return to your favorite activities in no time. Contact us today, call (404) 592-0319.

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