College Part Accident Injury Treatment

College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Accident Injuries | AICA College Park Only a couple of things are more infuriating than an auto accident. Not only must you coordinate for repairs to your vehicle, but it’s also imperative that your injuries are taken care of as well. At College Park Chiropractors, we are experts in getting you on a path of recovery from your accident injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accidents

Big collisions can injure you in many ways such as soft tissue breakdown, fractured or trauma to the spinal cord, or more commonly, whiplash that throws your neck and spine out of alignment. Our advanced imaging equipment gives you the most accurate diagnosis possible, while our team of College Park Chiropractors works with the top orthopedists and physical therapists to provide you with treatment opportunities for all your accident-related injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment For Motorcycle Accidents

Riding motorcycles are a thrilling experience, but motorcycle injuries can be especially painful, and the only way to a speedy recovery is by visiting College Park Chiropractors. Riders most commonly injure main ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and even more dangerous are broken bones. The orthopedists at College Park Chiropractors can fix your injuries to your spine, in addition to our physical therapists who can help you regain your movement and lessen the pain caused by soft tissue injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment For ATV Accidents

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are especially fun to ride and provide a brand new adventure for rocky terrain. Nonetheless, ATVs have insufficient safety features, and the dangerous high speed that they can endure provides the riders with additional risk.
Some of the injuries that riders can get are traumatic brain injuries and significant spinal cord injuries. Medical evaluation is mandatory shortly after an ATV accident to evade long-term damage. College Park Chiropractors can diagnose and treat riders immediately after an ATV accident.

Chiropractic Treatment For Semi Truck Accidents

An accident even more terrifying than an ATV or Motorcycle accident is with a Semi-Truck. Due to the high demand for shipping items across the country, more tractor-trailers are on the road with passenger vehicles every day, making crashes with semi-trucks especially common.
If and when a Semi-truck collides with a smaller vehicle, all of the passengers involved could endure trauma. The crash can damage soft tissues, dislocate spinal discs, and more commonly injure the spinal cord. Recovering from a semi-truck incident could require extensive physical therapy, spinal treatments, or orthopedic surgery to go back to your normal daily activities. At College Park Chiropractors, we provide all this and much more.

Chiropractic Treatment For Slip and Fall Accidents

Commonplaces such as stores, diners, public parks, and even streets can have hazards with the ability to cause severe bodily trauma. If you fell, it’s critical to get a physical by a doctor as soon as possible. If you notice new neck pain, this could be a result from whiplash of the fall. Some injuries from the incident could take time to arise so getting checked out is very important. To allow your body to revive itself, you need to visit with one of our specialists at College Park Chiropractors.

Chiropractic Treatment For Workman’s Comp

Regardless of safety measures taken in the office or warehouse, occupational accidents do still occur from time to time. If you’ve been involved in an incident while at work, you may be eligible to benefit from workman’s compensation. Among other options, workman’s comp can help you get reimbursed for the cost of your medical treatment.

If you’re suffering from back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or broken bones from an incident, College Park Chiropractors can work on a treatment plan specific to your needs to make sure you’re on the path to a full recovery. Contact College Park Chiropractors today at (404) 592-0319 to ensure that you are going to make a full recovery regardless of the incident.

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