Questions To Ask Your College Park Chiropractor

If you are new to Chiropractic care, it’s important to go into your first appointment as an educated consumer so that you can make informed decisions about what’s best for your health.


How College Park Chiropractors Can Help Treat Car Accident Injuries

No one wants to get into a car accident – but the possibility of experiencing one exists. If you are struck by another vehicle while driving through the city, contact our College Park Chiropractors to schedule a complete examination. AICA College Park is the community’s most experienced accident injury center – helping thousands of patients…


How A College Park Chiropractors Can Help Car Accident Victims

AICA College Park’s Chiropractors treat a variety of common car accident injuries using holistic techniques that are free of adverse side effects. For car accident victims who sustain Whiplash Injury, soft tissue damage, or back pain, Chiropractic care serves as an alternative to traditional medicine, which often relies on treatment solutions that offer temporary relief….


College Park Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash and Car Accident Injuries

The force of a car accident can cause your neck and head to lunge in multiple directions simultaneously. When this happens, the ligaments that surround your neck tend to stretch beyond their limits and tear. This particular condition is referred to as “Whiplash Injury” and is one of the most common car accident injuries treated…


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