Chiropractic Care Supports Emotional Health & Positive Body Image

The concept of emotional health for women throughout College Park is just as important as physical. Medical studies show a direct correlation between a healthy mind and healthy body with personal image serving as one of the most influential factors that to contribute to this state.


Breast Cancer Prevention and Chiropractic Care

Although September is almost over, the Chiropractors at AICA College Park are still celebrating National Women’s Health & Fitness Awareness by offering preventative support around conditions that primarily affect females throughout Atlanta. Today, we decided to discuss breast cancer prevention.


National Women’s Health Awareness: Chiropractic Care Helps Address Infertility

Our College Park Chiropractors treat hundreds of women each year for a variety of reasons, including issues with fertility. According to some studies offered by the Journal of Vertebral Subluxations Research, Chiropractic Adjustments may be an effective solution for addressing nerve interferences caused by spinal distortions. The results of these studies saw a direct correlation…


National Women’s Health & Fitness Awareness: Ovarian Cysts and Cancer

The month of September serves as the perfect opportunity to discuss women’s health and its relationship with Chiropractic care in College Park. National Women’s Health and Fitness Day takes place on September 28 and currently stands as the largest annual health promotion event for women throughout the United States. The focus of the event is dedicated to…


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